Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Not for me, but for my Eureka Tetragon 5 dome tent that had served me well for many, many seasons.  The nylon was sprouting holes in multiple places, the seam tape on the inside floor was threatening to trip me, and the poles had seen better days.  The nylon bags were blowing out at their seams.

I could have possibly squeezed another season or so out of it, but it's the right time of the year for sales and I'd been eyeballing a cabin tent for a while now.

Checking the sales, I went with a Coleman Signature Instant 6 over at Cabela's, with the current sale + $5 promo code shipping it was still nearly $18 less than Amazon Prime, and about $45 less than my favorite camping mecca Campmor.  I was thinking about getting another Eureka, but the one that was most similar to the Coleman was over $400.

Anyone need a 3 man dome tent?  I have a Kelty that I'd picked up years ago before I got the Eureka.  It's in much better condition than its successor, as I did not use it nearly as often.  It's in an old folding chair bag since I had lost the original nylon bag.