Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Nutrition and diets

I was looking around a bit today on the web for information about a variety of diets, and came across the one that tells you want foods you should eat or avoid if you are of a particular blood type.

I'm type A, and apparently this is the Vegetarian type, who can eat most types of deep water fish but not coastal fish or shellfish (grr), and should also avoid mushrooms, most dairy products, and quite a few lovely condiments like ketchup and capers.  Oh, and apparently I should avoid all nightshades - tomatoes, potatoes, peppers... 

Take all the joy out of my life, why don't you, Dr. Lam? 

Actually I don't doubt that he's got something there, and I'd already been researching low-glycemic,  anti-inflammatory, and paleo diets.  I might be able to come up with some compromise here.  I've already been cutting a lot of processed foods out of my diet.  I really want to be able to control or cure diabetes without taking medications.  I am SO bad about taking meds, and I don't like the side effects some of them have on me.

The major problem I have is cooking for two when one won't or can't eat what the other one does.   It's hard enough to cook for two when you're eating the same thing - trust me, it's a hell of a lot easier to cook for 4 or 8.  Broccoli Boy only likes certain vegetables, so I'll have to make stuff just for myself so I can have more variety.