Monday, October 13, 2014

The klutz strikes again

No, it was not a bid to get Broccoli Boy to help me out in the garden... but he had to because I sprained my ankle stepping off the curb after weeding about 20 thistles out of the curbside bed...

...but not before I planted bulbs I had ordered from Brecks in a moment of weakness this summer

10 Decoy daffodil

12 Hardy gladiolus mixture

and a bunch of red & white poppy anemone in complementing colors (sorry, I don't have a picture or link of what those are supposed to look like).  I couldn't tell which way was up, so I planted them sideways.

Hubby also helped me (pre-injury) to move one of my red Drift roses out from under purple beautyberry shrubs that have gotten much bigger in maturity than I expected.  I decided we can't do more than one in day, it was TOUGH to move that sucker.  Two more to go.  I pruned off quite a bit of dead wood and re-buried it in the new spot I made for it about 2 feet forward of where it had been.  Hubby watered it in since I couldn't post-injury.  We're supposed to have rain for a couple days, so I have high hopes that the rose will survive having been shaded most of the year.

The beautyberry shrubs are lush and loaded with purple berries.  We were both shaking little purple spheres out of our rose gauntlets afterwards.  He also found one in his ear.

My ankle better be feeling better soon, because there's tender calla lilies and gladiolus to dig up, leaves to rake, and thistles to pull up before they get away with murder.

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  1. decoy is nowhere near as red as it looked in the photo, but still pretty