Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Patience, grasshopper...

It's very difficult to prevent myself from going to the local Agway and purchase whatever deer-resistant perennials they've got left.  But, I've got a couple hundred dollars of nursery stock to come within the next month, and amazingly know exactly where I want to put each specimen.

This past weekend put in three each of catmint, foamflower, and pigsqueak I'd received during the week.  I'd originally intended the foamflower to go in under the sand cherry, but it was too difficult to dig there.  From prior experience, I'm sure there's heavy landscape fabric about 4" under the loamy stuff.  A project for another day, maybe.  I can always keep it mulched and put pots of stuff under there (Lord knows I've got enough pots out in the shed). 

I ended up putting the foamflowers in the shaded front walk bed between my bee balm and hostas.  The pigsqueak went in nearby behind the bee balm, along the curved Belgian block edge of the Japanese maple/rock garden. 

Speaking of hostas, the deer finally got to them a few weeks ago, and the bugs/slugs have eaten some big holes in them, but I'm just about ready to cut them back for fall now & let the primroses and lungworts underneath have their day again.  In comparison, the varigated lirope just on the other side of the walk looks FANTASTIC.

Catmint found a home in a spot between yarrow and echinacea on the highest point of the retaining wall beds - all I'd got in there previously was some anemones that come up in spring and then leave the area bare the rest of the year.

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