Monday, June 23, 2014

I'm a slacker

Everybody needs to slack off every once in a while.  Unfortunately, I'm making a career of it.  Sunday was pretty much a lost day.

At least my husband convinced me to go out of doors on Saturday and do some extremely-much-needed weeding in the veggie bed.  Found a couple volunteer tomatoes up behind where they were last year, so I decided to stake & fertilize them and see what they do.  Spent some time in the hammock before I lost all the shade, and then napped in a chair next to the shed under my least favorite tree (some sort of scruffy looking evergreen).

The inside of my house is very much neglected lately.  Need to find some energy on weeknights and just do a little bit at a time, because by the time I get to the weekend I either want to garden or completely slack off.

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