Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Out of the garden and into the kitchen

The gardening is pretty much done for the year - there are a couple late season tomatoes hanging out which need to be rescued from greedy chipmunks; maybe some cleanup of beds and mulching of leaves - but for the most part the hard work is all done for now.

This time of year, as the weather turns cooler, becomes the season of soups and stews.  Already I have in my mind that I will be making French onion soup, Yankee pot roast, and pasta sauce in the near future.  Chicken soup comes when I've got a decently sized bag of bones, and turkey soup follows Thanksgiving when I get at least one entire picked-over carcass.  Beef barley is another staple.  A batch of pea soup is usually shared with my mom and mother-in-law - Broccoli Boy won't eat it, and I can't make a tiny batch with a big bone from the Christmas ham. 

Unfortunately, none but maybe the pasta sauce will contain home-grown vegetables since all I grew was asparagus and tomatoes this year.

I hate wasting food - it's almost pathological the lengths to which I will go to use up every single bit of food before it goes bad.  I've got a bit of pumpkin and coconut milk left over from making a yummy garam masala-spiced winter squash soup with a kabocha and some canned pumpkin (the small kabocha I had only made 2 cups of roasted squash), so maybe I'll turn that into a quick pumpkin curry soup.  This BB will probably eat because he likes my brother's pumpkin curry soup.  I do have some heavy cream in the fridge too, so we'll see how that comes out.

I've also some shallots that started sprouting and need to be used, I think I'll just saute those up and serve with a steak.

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