Friday, July 26, 2013

Someone needs to make work busier (it's the usual summer doldroms) so I don't have time to browse bulb and plant websites - that or take my credit cards away from me. I managed to prevent myself from ordering a bunch of stuff last fall/winter for shipment this spring, but I couldn't prevent myself from ordering a bunch of stuff for shipment this fall.

I have to admit, my resolve originally melted with this order on 6/11, but I was able to contain myself for a month before putting in the next order

Photo: Allium carinatum ssp pulchellum  Allium carinatum s. Pulchellum

 Photo: Allium flavum Allium flavum                 

Photo: Allium schubertii Allium schubertii             
Photo: Allium Low Growing Mixture Allium low growing mixture 
 Galanthus nivalis Flore Pleno Galanthus nivalis Flore Pleno

 Leucojum aestivum Leucojum aestivum 


The dam broke in July, and I purchased a bunch of natives and/or deer/drought resistant varieties (ok, the Sedum was free with purchase...)


yesterday's order was
I'll be busy in September and October as these start being delivered

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