Friday, July 5, 2013

Dragonfly Omen

When I was walking to work, I spotted a large dragonfly sitting on the ground.  Not a good spot for it, in the middle of a sidewalk that would become quite busy later on.  I nudged it with my toe to see if I could get it to move, but it just twitched a bit and didn't fly off. 

I couldn't leave it where it would surely get squished, so bent down to pick it up.  It would not let me pick it up but it did climb up on to my finger when I presented it.  This dragonfly was nearly as big as my hand.

Tried to let it climb off onto a tree, but it did not want to let go.  So, I walked, with a dragonfly on my index finger, to the front of my building and tried to let it off in the planter.  At that point, it flew off, and up up up it went.  I guess it was just tired a few minutes earlier.

Was interested in what deities are associated with dragonflies, first hit on Google said something about them being associated with Freya.  Might not be historically accurate, but I'll take it.

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