Monday, March 3, 2014

T-minus 26 days and counting...

Oh good heavens, it's getting CLOSE.  We're applying for our marriage license on Friday - THIS COMING FRIDAY.  I gotta get the favors and bubbles finished & start nagging non-RSVP relatives, not necessarily in that order.  My dress is home, sheet-covered and hanging in the disused half-bath off the master bedroom.  My veil was torn when I was there last week, so I pick up the replacement tomorrow.

Screw it if the house doesn't get cleaned before Aunt D. comes over to get her hair done the morning of the wedding.  Been feeling like crap three weekends in a row, and she'll just have to deal with it.  Mom offered to help, so I'm doing my best to get the clutter put away so that we can just clean, because the sorting of stuff takes too damned long.  Was hoping to paint the kitchen, but that shit'll really have to wait.  We did get the Christmas tree put away, finally.

The official start of Spring is a week before the wedding, I'm hoping the "out like a Lamb" really applies.  Honestly, I can deal with anything Skadi / Cailleach / [insert wintery diety name here] wants to throw at me up until the 21st.  After that, Lords and Ladies, please lay off Winter, even if it's just until April 1.

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  1. the verdict: a cold day with downpours, but it was above freezing