Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Tree surgeon

BB took a photo of my dwarf laceleaf Japanese maple in front of the living room bay window, and it looks like the winter snows have split the trunk.  Can't get to it yet, but when the snows recede, I will try to do a bit of surgery on it to possibly save it.

If not, I may replace with a different shrub or dwarf tree, because this is not a low-maintence plant - the edges of the leaves on this one get very crispy looking in the summer, even if we have enough rain.  Maybe a red twigged dogwood (which Rutgers says is only occasionally damaged by deer), a gingko, or a Harry Lauder's Walking Stick.

If the tree is unrecoverable, I may re-envision the whole bed altogether - the edge along the walkway is in shade from the cherry tree, but the rest is in full south sun.  There had been a water feature in the center of a rocky oblong, which they replaced with the Japanese maple.  That rocky area is edged with azaleas, spruce, and a boxwood along the house.  The shady part has hostas (deer salad), along with lungwort and primroses that I added.  

If I take all the rocks out, I can totally re-do the whole area.  I'm sure I have enough plant material around the yard to make a good show of it, and BB's co-worker is always willing to divide a few things for me. BB hates the blue spruce shrubs, as they are seriously prickly.  I cut the azaleas way back last year as they were overgrown and I couldn't open the living room windows.

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  1. the verdict: the tree made it, and has survived through yet another winter as well. still have yet to put some screws in it so it will not split further next winter