Monday, June 17, 2013

Gardening as therapy

Spent the weekend out in the garden for some much needed physical and mental therapy.  Being laid up the weekend before was really bugging me.

On Saturday I cut back a lot of roses, since they'd gotten damaged in the non-stop rains, as well as some problems with black spot.  I sprayed them with copper fungicide as well.  I then planted six snow-in-summer plants, three fiesta daisies, two purple beautyberry shrubs (no pear trees though).  Moved some iris, NJ tea shrub, & asters.  Mulched under the Japanese maple.

Sunday I mowed the back lawn, planted another pack of wildflower seeds to fill in a blank spot (the one you see to the right of the Earth Mother there), moved some echinacea & lily-of-the-valley, planted 2 of the bleeding hearts babies in those newly emptied spots, grabbed another balloon flower when we stopped at Home Depot (pseudohubby loves 'em).  Caged the lobelia because they were flopping over.

Tonight if I get home early enough, I'll move the other balloon flowers I've already got from the spot where they're getting crowded out over to where I have the new one, then douse them all with Deer Out to keep them from getting nibbled too badly.

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