Friday, June 28, 2013

Pics or it didn't happen?

You'll have to forgive me for not posting photos with my words - you see, oftentimes I'm updating from work and cannot access the images I've uploaded to Google from here.  I'll go back and fill in when I'm not overly busy with life.

This weekend, I'm going to try to get the sweet woodruff and bleeding hearts in, between thunderstorms.  The woodruff is going to get planted along the front walk by the new bee balm "Claire Grace" and the bleeding hearts will go in the new bed I'm creating on the north side of the shed, which incidentally is purely for the neighbors' delight, since I rarely go back there.

I went a little Polish on the kitchen last night, the uncleanliness was really bothering me.  Only a little though, since it was nearly bedtime.

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