Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The madness begins

I left work early knowing I had a shipment of plants coming in.  Rather than finding one box on my porch last evening as I expected, there were four.  Broccoli Boy had arrived home moments before me and gave me that look that Ricky used to give Lucy, and said "What did you do, Ray?"   Yup, there were three shipments I wasn't aware of - some of these online nurseries have much to be desired in letting you know when your stuff has been released for shipment.  *grumble*

I worked outside from 5:45 until the sun set at 7 PM, unboxed everything; dug up gladiolus bulbs for the winter; I put in 6 cherry hearts epimedium (in the wrong spot - DOH!), 1 pink muhly grass, 1 blue sapphire hens & chicks & 1 dragon's blood sedum (free gifts), and 3 blue queen salvia; then watered everything in.

I've still got 10 plants - 6 veronicas and 4 coreopsis - that I need to try to get in tonight - the calla lilies need to be dug up since the coreopsis is going in near there.  The veronicas will go in around the andromeda where I mistakenly put in the epimediums.  Makes life a little easier since I already dug up the area.  The epimediums will be moved to flank a small hydrangea in a somewhat shady spot on the front wall under the cherry tree.

After I was done, Broccoli Boy broke out the sprinkler and watered in the Weed & Feed since we haven't had rain since I spread it on Sunday.  I hate to use the stuff, but we had 2 bags in the shed left over and I didn't want it to totally go to waste.  We will not be buying it in the future.

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