Wednesday, October 16, 2013

There's a chill in the air, and something simmering in the pot

Another box of bulbs came in, I will try to get them in on Friday before I head up to the beautiful Berkshire Mountains.  MIL insists I bring my camera - can't promise I'll get any pictures though.

This time of year is great, because it is the time at which I can be most frugal with the food budget.  I buy big cuts of chewy meat on the cheap and cook them slowly to tender perfection.  Whole roast chickens feed us for days, and even the bones do not go to waste.  This is soup season, my friends. 

My usual lineup of soups include: chicken (Polish style with garlic and dill), beef barley, minestrone, split pea, beef vegetable

Stewed/braised meals include chicken paprikasz (I use bone-in chicken thighs), beef stroganoff, & Yankee pot roast (using chuck roast - bone in if I can find it).  Pork shoulder (again, bone-in if possible - sensing a theme?) is a favorite all year long.  I'll also make a big pot of Bolognaise sauce which is good for a quick evening meal of pasta and Italian sausage.

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